Remembering Your Love Story

Do you remember the cute little nursery rhyme that we use to say as kids when we thought someone had a crush on someone?

Cassandra and Joseph, sitting in a tree

First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!

We use to love chanting this rhyme while smiling and teasing one another. It was very innocent and meaningless at the time. I can’t imagine as kids that we ever really thought much about what we were saying, or better yet what would come next.

What comes next?

Well for most of us after having a baby life can get somewhat challenging. It becomes difficult to remember those special moments that you use to share prior to having children. Like the first time you met, or the first time you kissed, or maybe even the first time your spouse made you laugh. It is so important to keep your love burning for your spouse by taking time to laugh and remember those memories of the past.

This past weekend Joseph and I attended a meeting at our church and had the opportunity to reminisce about one of our favorite memories of our love story. We had planned to have a small wedding that would include about 100 of our closest friends and family members. Well as it got closer to the date of the wedding the thought of all the planning, time, and money finally got the best of us. Joseph called me around 1pm while I was at work and said, “I went to apply for our marriage license. They said that I could get it today if I paid $5 more dollars!” I responded, “Did you get it?” He said, “Yes!!!!!!!!” In a split second I blurted out, “Come get me at 2:30. Let’s go get married today!!!”  To make a long love story short…… We got married on that very day at a small chapel that no longer exists! (We didn’t even know the witnesses that signed our marriage license.) PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This story makes me smile every time we tell it. I was wearing a pants suit and he was wearing a pair of beat up jeans!  This unexpected ceremony will forever be a part of our “love story.” The key to staying in love might consist of a variety of things ranging from being committed to one another to learning to trust and depend on each other, however remembering your love story needs to find itself somewhere on the list.

Tell your love story to someone today. I promise it will make you smile and bring back memories of your early days together.   We challenge you to work hard at adding more to your love story each year! May your love never end!


4 thoughts on “Remembering Your Love Story

    • Thanks for reblogging “Remembering Your Love Story.” Does it make you smile when you think back to those days? Read my updated page entitled “about” when you get a chance. I shared another part of my love story. Thanks for reading Marriage is Good!

  1. That was really sweet. I didn’t know Joseph had on jeans … what does it matter he found a good thang and plucked it right away for himself that is the love of a man to a woman and a woman to a man. God insured the covenant agreement we must be true to the mandate if we want to drink of the fruit of His Plan. God is Good and so is marriage

  2. Yes……He who findeth a wife, findeth a good thing! I am working hard to be his good thing for eternity. Wow…..That just might be my blog for Friday… “Are you a good thing?” I will anticipate a word from God. Be praying with me. Marriage is so good.

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