Keeping Our Priorities in Order (Day 1)

Have you ever wondered what your spouse has to say about you in your absence? We often encounter situations that we never dreamed could actually end up making us think about ourselves, and our own relationships with the ones we love. This past weekend I crossed paths with a stranger. We will call him Doug. Doug is what I would call a seasoned married man because he has been married for almost 20 years. Being that we serve an awesome God I had an opportunity to be in the right place at the right time to hear Doug vent about his wife.  It was life changing for me to hear a man’s point of view as to how they view their wives “busyness” as it relates to taking care of our homes, our children , and our “wifely responsibilities.”  I was privileged to hear firsthand how one might feel just a bit slighted when the person we have committed our life to doesn’t keep their priorities in God’s perfect order. This week I will be talking in great detail about the need for us to prioritize our lives in a way that is honorable to God.
First let me start by saying that God loves marriage as shown throughout the Bible.  Those that are married have been called to abide by God’s divine order.  Nothing in our lives should come before God! Those that are married are called to place their marriages first in their lives after Him.  Many of us find this order hard to follow when children are involved. However, let me assure you that placing your children, family, or anything else before your spouse will always lead to strife in your marriage.  Hearing this man’s story blessed me deeply because it confirms how important it is to communicate your true feelings with your spouse daily. Often times we neglect to share certain aspects of how we feel about something because we feel like the one we love should already know how we feel, or that maybe the way we feel will lead to confusion in our marriage. Let us take time this week to improve our communication with our spouses and to discover how keeping our priorities in order can be a blessing to our marriages.

Your friend,


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