What are your actions communicating to your spouse?

Have you ever heard the expression,” Your actions are speaking louder than your words?” Sometimes in our relationships we begin to take one another for granted. We assume that the person we love knows how we feel about them and that we don’t need to go the extra mile. Sometimes going the extra mile is in fact just what it takes to keep our marriages on track. For instance when Joseph and I first got married I made an honest effort to not be on the phone when he arrived home from work so that I could make myself available to him. I can image that he felt honored, cared for, and loved by my desire to direct all of my attention towards him. Now looking forward, imagine the message we send to our spouses when we change the focus of our interest or attention to other sources. I’m sure that we can all think back to something that we did when you first got married that we either no longer do anymore or maybe we don’t do it with the same enthusiasm?

In our busy society it is no doubt that we can find millions of things outside and inside the home to occupy our time and energy. Making our spouse a priority can sometimes feel like just one more thing to do on our “to do list.”  The best marriages are those that realize that marriage is just like a job. They require you to put in your time and to do the job you committed to doing the day you said, “I do.” In the case of marriage we have promised to love and care for one another in sickness and in health. This means that you are spiritually bounded by God to fulfill these obligations. We must take the time to evaluate what are actions are communicating to our spouses in our daily life.

Do we stop and listen when are spouses are talking?

Are we making every effort to speak to them lovingly?

What would they say is our greatest concern in our lives?

While we all enjoy hearing the words, “I love you,” nothing says I love you more than your honest efforts in showing your mate that you are still very much emotionally connected to them. As we draw closer to Valentine’s Day let us remember that it is the small things that matters most. If you only show special love and attention to your spouse on February 14th then your actions are counteractive to your covenant vows. If we are in covenant relationship with our spouses then we must begin to show them the unconditional love that Christ has shown us. Work diligently toward showing your spouse that you care for them by making sure your actions line up with your words. Little acts of kindness go a long way towards a happy and healthy marriage.

Here is a list of a few ways you can communicate love daily without saying a word.

1. Bring your spouse home their favorite treat.

2. Write them a love letter and leave it in a special place.

3. Iron their clothes while they’re in the shower.

4. Give them time away from the kids.

5. Get a baby sitter and surprise them with a candlelight dinner at home.

6. Watch a love story together and talk about how to improve your marriage following the movie.

7. Bring them home a greeting card for no apparent reason.

8. Take time out every day to listen to them and find out about their day.

9. Motivate them to work on their dreams.

10. Support their dreams and goals.

11. Check their schedule before making plans for the two of you.

May God bless you and keep you grounded. Marriage is good!!!!!!!!!!


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