Jenny and Billy just proved marriage is not obsolete!

Marriage in America in 2010

According to recent surveys many report that marriage is becoming obsolete. Well I’m here to say that marriage life is still good! Jenny a fabulous  kindergarten teacher in Georgia just got married this past weekend on March 11th.  🙂 Marriage Life Is Good would like to give the official “congratulations to Jenny and her husband Billy.  We would like to take time out today to give them some special words of encouragement. It doesn’t matter whether you know them or not I’m sure you can think of something to bless their new union.

I will start a list of things that I feel is important to remember as they begin their new life together and you can add to my list through the comment section. Let’s hope Jenny is reading today!

Congrats on your new marriage. We wish you happiness beyond your greatest imagination. Now that your married first and foremost you must promise to read Marriage Life Is Good. 🙂  Here goes the list…..

1.  Keep God first.

2. Let him lead. / Love her good!

3. Pray together

4. Laugh together

5. Always show each other respect


Ok readers….. I’m counting on you to bless the new couple with an overwhelming list of best wishes and ideas to keep the fire burning! Start commenting!!

(Keep it clean )

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