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My name is Cassandra McMichael, and I am a child of the most high King. I have the pleasure of being married to Joseph, a man that has a heart that desires to please God. I have three beautiful children named Xavier, Imani, and Krista. My husband and I believe that marriage is a covenant relationship between us and God. Therefore, we feel that if we are to remain married that we must always put God first in our lives. Joseph and I spend a lot of time investing in our marriage. We enjoy partaking in the fruit from various marriage ministries such as Married Today, Focus on the Family, and Family Life.

One of our very best dates before getting married was visiting World Changers Church in Atlanta Georgia. Joseph lived in Georgia at this time while I lived in Michigan. He was a member of World Changers church so we decided that going to church was a great way to start my vacation. Joseph was not aware that we were in for the biggest blessing of our life. We entered church and sat down to prepare for praise and worship. I was excited to see Crello Dollar for the first time in person, however God had something else in store. Jimmie Evans of Marriage Today Ministries was there to speak about dating and marriage. He blessed us so much that day. He spoke about how we are all messed up when we get married and that you don’t even realize how much baggage your spouse has until you say “I do.” Jimmie informed us that our spouses are there to heal us from past hurts and that your love should minister to each other. Wow! It was something so life changing about his message that we both committed to buying the cd before leaving the church that day. We were married exactly one year later after being a part of that great marriage seminar. As a married couple we now enjoy participating in marriage workshops and seminars.

We hope you enjoy reading Marriage Life Is Good. Please check back weekly for new post and share your comments of what God has placed on your heart. If God has done something great in your marriage please share it with us so that we too may lift up His name and give Him the glory that is due. If you would like to contact us directly you can email us at marriagelifeisgood@gmail.com.

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