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Keeping Our Priorities in Order (Day 2)

Balancing life’s responsibilities continues to be one of the most challenging tasks for married couples. If we are to honor God’s plan and order for our marriages then we must seek first the kingdom of God. (Matt.6:33) If we are seeking first His kingdom then His kingdom will always lead us back to our “first ministry.” Your first ministry is your marriage!  My first ministry is my marriage!  This means that regardless of all the other things in our lives that demand our attention that those things should take a backseat.   This means that your children, your dreams, your family members, and so on must all take a backseat. Imagine seeing your neighbor and his family heading out for a drive on Sunday morning. What would you think if you saw the husband driving the car with the wife in the backseat and the son or daughter riding in the front? You would probably say to yourself, “I wonder what that is all about?” I am certain you would no doubt find this arrangement to be strange and out of order.
From the beginning of time marriage was one of the first things God created. He created Adam first and then Eve, not Eve and her children or vice versa.  God created Eve from Adam’s rib so that she could walk alongside side him so he would never again be alone. God’s vision was for them to always remember and honor their relationship with one another above all things (after Him.)  This is why the Bible instructs the man to leave and cleave to his wife and the wife to be a helpmate for her husband.
If we are to have heaven on earth in our marriages we must always keep our marriages first in our lives. Our first ministry requires daily love and attention.  Much like a flower our marriages must be watered frequently if we are to keep it alive and free from withering away. Thriving marriages are the end results when you make your marriage your first ministry.  Strife and divorce is what you reap if you neglect to keep your priorities in God’s perfect order.  Start today by intentionally scheduling time to show your spouse that your marriage is important to you. This might mean rescheduling your housecleaning or putting the kids to bed early so that you can take time out to listen and love on your spouse.
Don’t allow your marriage to fall by the waste side! Make your husband or wife your first priority today and reap the rewards of marital bliss.  I will be joining you in this important endeavor.  Marriage is so good!

With Love,